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Fic Masterlist - World, Mostly Turning
Even in the darkness, every colour can be found
Fic Masterlist
Main character(s) and/or pairing indicated in parentheses after the title.


Wish You Were Here (Spuffy) (WIP), BtVS post-Not Fade Away, Rated PG-13. Angel brings Buffy some bad news in Rome, and Buffy accidentally changes the world.

Death’s Second Self (Spuffy) (complete), BtVS S5 post-The Gift, 5539 words, Rated R. Warnings: sex, violence, character death. Spike goes patrolling after Buffy's death in The Gift and meets someone he really wasn't expecting to see.


Evanesco (Lorne), AtS post-Not Fade Away, Rated G, 1666 words. The last person Lorne wants to see finds him in his new bar months after the events of Not Fade Away. I still think this is my best fic.

All Set Down (Giles), BtVS S5, during and after The Gift, Rated R, 3300 words. Warnings: Violence and character death. An alternate ending to The Gift.

Waiting For You (Willow), BtVS post-Chosen, Rated G, 1609 words. Willow reflects on her life many years after Chosen.

Balm (Spike), BtVS S5 post-The Gift, Rated PG, 2411 words. Spike tries to deal with Buffy's death after The Gift.

Line of Scrimmage (Scooby Gang), BtVS Season 2ish, Rated G for goop, 1148 words. A bit of old-school silliness.

Unrequited (Spike), BtVS mid-S5, Rated S for schmoop. Spike lurks under his usual tree, waiting for a glimpse of his slayer.

Wolf’s Bane (Oz), BtVS S4 post-Doomed, Rated PG, 4443 words. Oz needs to find a way to deal with his werewolf side.

Pier Group (Scooby Gang), BtVS S3 post-Band Candy, Rated PG, 3432 words. The Scooby Gang spends a day at The Pier. A missing scene from BtVS S3. This was my first fic. It's not terribly good.


Different people seem to define drabbles in different ways. For me, drabbles are fics that are exactly 100 words long. I wrote a fair number of them. I think some of them are kinda clever. Your mileage may vary. You can find them all here.
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